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Accepts Pallets

Located in West Orange, NJ

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We take care of all your inventory, packing, labeling, bundling and shipping needs while you focus on growing your business.

Your shipment can be prepped for as little as $.50/ item and as fast as 24-hour turnaround time.

Don't want to share your Seller Central sub-account access, no problem!

We can work together to get FNSKU and shipping labels ready to send your shipment ASAP.  

We are equipped to handle high volume inventory from multiple FBA Sellers.

For more information contact us at: contactus@fbaprepandgo.com




Competitive and Easy pricing

No membership required

As fast as 24 hours turnaround time


FBA Prep single item*

Receiving, unboxing, visual inspection, photo documentation when necessary, individual item labeling (one label), sticker removal, damage item handling, storing your merchandise for 30 days until shipment day. 

$0.50/ unit

Poly bag/shrink wrap items together



Storing items for up to 30 days is free. The fees below are for any additional 7-day period

small items


medium items


large items


Forward Only**

A Forward Only package should arrive ready to be shipped as is. Our fees include: verification of the shipment's external condition, application of shipping label, free storage for 30 days until shipping date.

1 - 9 cartons


10 - 24 cartons


25 - 49 cartons


50+ cartons


Returns (Bulk)

Bulk FBA Removal Orders with receiving, inspecting, correcting, and shipping your inventory back to Amazon  $1/ item

* items over 16" on longest side are subject to approval and will be charged at $1/ item.

Items over 6 lbs will incur an additional $0.20/lb.

**cartons shouldn't exceed 25" on longest side and 50 lbs.

$0.15/ label is charged for any additional label needed such as: Best By, Made In China, Fragile... 

$0.40/ unit for 3 and less

$0.30/ unit for 4-6 units

$0.25/ unit for 6 and more

+$0.20/ unit if polybag needed

Additional information:

Services we offer

FBA Inventory Prep


Every great FBA seller knows that sourcing saves you time and a lot of money.

Let FBA Prep and Go take care of your inventory while you focus on more important tasks at hand and avoid the stress and the hassle of managing inventory fulfillment.


You can either send us your shipment or have your manufacturer or wholesale distributor ship it directly to us.

Once we receive your shipment, we immediately hit the ground running. Your package will be processed and ready to ship within 24 to 72 hours.

We offer many additional services such as: inserts, sampling and gift with purchase additions, sorting, multi-labeling...

Although for faster turnaround time we will need seller central sub-account access you can also just send us the FNSKU and shipping labels by email so we can print and apply them to the merchandise.

Think of us as your warehouse team, we are here to get your shipment properly prepped and shipped in a timely fashion. We will do our best to accommodate all your requests!


If your shipment is prepped, labeled and ready to go and you just need that last check and a pick up address, we will be happy to help!

The forwarding service includes:

Receiving your boxes

External carton inspection

Photo documentation of exterior of the cartons when needed

Application of shipping Labels

Free storage for 7 days 


We do the bundling and multipacking for you!

You can send us your packaging or we can use poly bags and shrink wrap, your choice!

Just let us know what to pack!

Bulk Returns

We take care of your amazon BULK returns.

Once your return shipment is received, it goes through:



Photo documentation


Classifying as sellable and unsellable

All items deemed sellable are repacked to be resent to amazon and the ones categorized as unsellable are either disposed off or sent to you or your manufacturer.

Please note that although we accept pallets,  we only ship via small parcel (non-LTL/pallet) using UPS, Fedex and USPS.