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100% confidentiality

Accepts Pallets

Located in West Orange, NJ

Competitive and Easy pricing

No membership required

As fast as 24 hours turnaround time

We take care of all your inventory, packing, labeling, bundling and shipping needs while you focus on growing your business.

Your shipment can be prepped for as little as $.50/ item and as fast as 24-hour turnaround time.

Don't want to share your Seller Central sub-account access, no problem!

We can work together to get FNSKU and shipping labels ready to send your shipment ASAP.  

We are equipped to handle high volume inventory from multiple FBA Sellers.

For more information contact us at:




Step 1 - Sign Me Up!

Press the GET STARTED button to fill the customer registration form

We will get  back to you with any answers and a confirmation email.

We will also send you your account's shared spreadsheet to input shipments' details (eg. product name, ASIN, FNSKU, quantity, any required services)

We will also send you the address in New Jersey to send your shipments to.

Step 2 - Reception

We will:

Receive, count and inspect your shipment.

Send you photos of any damaged items.

Update your account's spreadsheet helping you keep an eye on the process and timing.

Step 3 - Prep, Label & Bundle

We will hit the ground running and prep all your items.

If you give us sub-account access to your seller central account, we will get all FNSKU and shipping labels and we'll only reach out to you with any major questions making it a 100% hands-off inventory experience for you.

If you do not wish to give us access, you will have to send us the FNSKU labels by email.

Step 4 - Shipment on its way!

We will pack your items and upload the box content into seller central to generate the shipping labels. (We will generate UPS labels unless otherwise requested)

If we do not have access to your account, we will update the shared sheet with the box specifications and content and will send you a reminder by email.

Once you send us the shipping labels, we will send the shipment on its way.

We are available by email anytime to give you updates, answer questions or accommodate your requests.

Invoices will be sent through Paypal before the shipments are shipped for the first orders. After we have an established partnership, invoices will be sent every Monday.

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